Ohhh…. HELLO!

What can I tell you about me? I’ve seen a lot of famous people in their underwear. I’m Amy Kitzhaber and I’m also a freelance costumer. I recently became obsessed with all things food and fun.

I’ve attended a Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop at the Open Center in NYC and a Kitchen Pharmacy class at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC.

I started packing lunches that my co-workers would say “Oh where did you get that? It looks amazing! I wish I could cook like that.”

One of my friends asking me to make her a personalized meal plan. Little did she know she was creating a meal planning monster. 

Clients have described me as having a joyful vibe, while being humorous and helpful. My meal plans are fun, helpful and delicious. They also make clients feel confident in their kitchens.

Listen. We all have to eat.  Let’s work together to make it an easy and enjoyable part of your day.